Insider Secrets, Access to Experts, and Step-by-Step Resources Assembled for Creating and Running Simple and Easy Multimillion-Dollar Information Marketing Businesses

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Dear Friend:

My name is Robert Skrob, and I’ll give you some personal background a bit later.

Successful authors, self-publishers of books, people who sell home study courses, personal and business coaches, newsletter publishers, and seminar promoters turn to the Information Marketing Association for the critical insights on the business side of running a successful information marketing business. This information gap can only be filled by creating a full-scale trade association for the information marketing industry.

First, let me tell you about the “brains” behind the IMA. Then, your benefits. Finally, I’ll describe the big picture of our future together as an association. Please be patient and read all of this thoroughly. It is a huge step forward for the “odd” and little understood business we’re all a part of!

An Industry Dream Team Working for You!

Dan Kennedy
The IMA’s chairman emeritus, Dan Kennedy, is widely acknowledged as the leader in developing the modern information marketing industry. Certainly more people have gone from zero to multi-million dollar info-businesses under his guidance than by any other means or mentor, and virtually every significant breakthrough in this industry in the last decade has come from Dan and his clients, including the now common continuity and forced continuity approaches, the ascension model, every means of selling high-priced coaching, boot camp add-on days, contests to promote coaching and on and on and on. To learn how to use his most recent breakthrough, info-marketers each paid $12,000.00 to attend a three-day briefing. Four different info-marketers pioneering this newest business model each went from zero to over $1 million in income within 12 months. Dan’s roles with the IMA include exclusive contributions to resources, strategy suggestions for making the association as valuable as possible to its members, bringing in key industry leaders to participate and acting as a general advisor.

Robert Skrob My own experience includes 20 years’ developing and managing trade associations, and consulting within that industry. My main business, Membership Services Inc., is a successful association management company with dozens of different associations under one roof, including Florida Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus and Florida Association of Professional Employer Organizations. Instead of each of these associations having to hire its own staff, rent office space, hire writers for publications, etc., my team “turn-keys” everything; the associations outsource it all to us. In addition to the associations we completely manage, hundreds more look to me for consulting and copywriting of materials for member recruiting; conference, convention and seminar promotion; and sale of exhibit space and sponsorships. Recently, I’ve begun turn-key development of new trade associations owned by information marketers, and, incidentally, access to that service in the future is restricted to IMA members.

Obviously, I have my own crackerjack staff and freelance team already in place to provide many important services for IMA members.

I serve as president of the IMA, frankly have financial stake in it and have re-arranged my other business affairs to give it the lion’s share of my personal attention and energy. As we get to the collection of member benefits on the next page, you’ll see how my extensive experience, contacts and services already in place are going to benefit you!

Oh, and I might mention: I’m a long-time, serious Kennedy student. I’ve been in Dan’s coaching groups, consulted with him privately and dramatically improved my businesses and income thanks to his counsel. He has had opportunity to personally, closely observe me and my work, and it was at his urging that the IMA be created with me at its helm.

In addition to Dan Kennedy and me, my staff and my elite outside network of experts, the IMA will have a board of advisors made up of leading, innovative information marketers.

Everything You Need to Continue to Grow Your Information Marketing Business Collected Under One Umbrella:

7 Exclusive IMA Membership Benefits:

1: Info-Marketer Profiles and Detailed “How-To” Checklists

“I've been an info-marketer for a long time, leading many coaching programs, and there have been a lot of things that have made a huge difference in my business.”

Tim Paulson
Pleasant Grove, UT

On a completely new, you’ll have instant access to a growing library of “what’s working” within the information marketing industry. This is the community devoted to the BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL INFO-MARKETERS AROUND THE WORLD. Now presented in an indexed and cross referenced site, you’ll have instant access to “what works” in the best run, most profitable information businesses as well as interviews and information from outside experts in law, accounting, asset protection, event management, book promotion, publishing and media buying … all intended to SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME, MISTAKES and HASSLE.

You will receive monthly detailed blueprints and checklists so you will have all of the information you need in easy to follow formats. We make the most complicated aspects of the info-business easy to implement so you can create new and profitable ventures quickly.

Plus, your new will contain extensive online networking tools to facilitate joint ventures, product development and online connections with other members. Think of it like online social networking without all of the distracting updates. As a member, you’ll be able to update your profile and contribute updates, articles and blog posts to the online community. is already the single largest repository of Info-Marketing Best Practices and Shortcuts. The new membership site will make it easier to find and add a social media component.

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2: Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter & INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT

The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter* and the INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT are written personally by Dan Kennedy, and they ARE the gold standard of the entire industry. Each month, Dan takes you behind the scenes and inside his and his clients’ thriving, explosively growing info-businesses. He is THE leader of this entire industry, at its center, and more new, cutting edge discoveries and opportunities and information flow through his office than anywhere else. As a subscriber, you virtually “camp out” in his office, at his private consulting sessions, and “cherry pick” from everything coming and going through his clearinghouse! Here is exactly what you get:

“I get to joint venture and associate with so many like minded marketers that are doing great things.”

T.J. Rohleder
MORE, Inc.
Gossell, KS

Six times a year, every other month, you get The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter. That’s 12 to 16 pages of “meaty” news, strategies, examples from info-marketing successes, how-to strategies, Dan’s viewpoints and more. Each issue is jammed tight with insider information you can’t get anywhere else–because nobody works up close with as many info-marketers as Dan. Nobody! If you merged just his Platinum members and private clients together as one corporation, its sales would exceed $250 MILLION, which doubled last year and are doubling again this year. In this Letter, you get insider peeks at both long-established, mature info-businesses and brand new launches … including those that zoom from zero to millions in just months. Dan shares the resources, vendors and experts relied upon by his most successful clients … copywriting, ads, sales letters and online marketing examples … trends and predictions. Through this Letter, now in its fourth year, Dan has guided readers through revolutions and breakthroughs in info-marketing–like continuity, done-for-them services and big-ticket area-exclusive programs–and Dan is presently preparing readers for the Next Big Things. This Letter is meant for ACTION, not just reading and reference … ALL of the top info-marketers, including anybody you might know by name, eagerly await each issue–and chew on it like starving dogs that just found a juicy steak–to extract money-making info they can put to use immediately.


And that’s just the half of it …

In the alternating months, six times a year, you get Dan’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT. Each REPORT is an in-depth presentation on just one aspect of the info-business. This is advanced information. Past REPORTS have delved into a wide range of subjects, from “what info-marketers can learn from cults” to “newsletter business inside secrets” to “lead generation magazine advertising.” These REPORTS vary in length, sometimes including many exhibits, other times not. Dan chooses the topics and material based on questions from subscribers, current work with clients, new opportunities or, frankly, what interests him at the moment. Each REPORT is a unique and valuable reference you’ll definitely keep and refer to again and again. With each one, you build a library of “insider information” on different info-business “component parts,” businesses-within-businesses and critical success strategies. These REPORTS are NOT available to anyone other than No B.S. INFO subscribers, via their IMA membership or separately, and these REPORTS often contain information Dan never shares elsewhere.


*The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter should NOT be confused with the “regular” No B.S. Marketing Letter that all GKIC® Members receive or with the No B.S. Marketing-To-The-Mass-Affluent Letter separately available. These are separate and different publications. The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter and the No B.S. INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT are included in your IMA membership.

3: Info-Marketing Best Practices Teleseminars

“Just when I think I have it all, you publish more ideas. Plus, the ability to network with other members has been extremely helpful.”

Larry Loik
Thousand Oaks, CA

Robert Skrob hosts a teleseminar each month. These calls expand and enhance recent insights into the info-marketing industry provided by the Dan Kennedy INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORTS and the No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letters. Sometimes these calls will feature guests to expand the content; other times there will be additional case studies and examples. But they will always include time for your questions and comments about the latest breakthroughs in the info-marketing community.


4: Jump Start Coaching Calls

To help info-marketers grow their businesses, avoid obstacles and get questions answered, Robert Skrob hosts special tele-coaching calls for all IMA members. These calls use an open question and answer format. You are welcome to call in to “eavesdrop” on other info-marketers getting the answers they need to grow their businesses ... or you can call in with your own questions.

5: Private One-on-One Info-Marketing Success Consultations

Many members face “information overload.” All of the information and choices overwhelm them, and they don’t know how to begin. They need someone to talk them through their experiences and their interests and to give them a step-by-step plan for building their information marketing businesses. Beginning in 2010, this opportunity is available to you as a member of the Information Marketing Association.

Robert is hosting special 45-minute private one-on-one consultations to give members an outline for progressing in their information marketing businesses. Robert regularly charges $1,200.00 for a minimum two-hour consulting and coaching call. As an IMA member, your investment for your 45-Minute Private One-on-One Info-Marketing Success Consultation is only $247.00.

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“Even though I've been an info-marketer for 10 years I was able to call into a Jump-Start coaching call to ask a question about pirates selling my products on eBay. I implemented Robert's advice, and it went away within a week. Membership is worth 10 times what I put in.”

Larry Conn
Bishop, CA

Credit Card Processing Services and Support Specifically Designed for Information Marketers

All credit card processors are NOT created equal! As an IMA member, you have special access to Practice Pay Solutions to process your credit card orders. The moment the relationship begins, the folks at PPS fully dedicate themselves to the success of your enterprise so you have time to develop the real art of your business. PPS will set you up with a customized merchant account so your clients can purchase your products and services more conveniently. With real-time processing, funds are seamlessly deposited into your account. You can offer your clients more payment methods, automate transactions and much more!

Affordable health Insurance from IMA Health Plans

A growing number of people in the United States are uninsured. In 2007, 45.7 million Americans were uninsured. Although many of those without insurance do have jobs, the self-employed, part-time workers, low-wage earners and people with pre-existing medical conditions find barriers to obtaining coverage - and less than half of all small companies offer health insurance to their employees.
The Information Marketing Association is pleased to provide our members with a national group and individual health insurance program with average health insurance savings of 42%. The IMA Health Plans’ Benefits Program is issued and underwritten by JLBG Health, one of the largest health insurance carriers in the nation.

With more than $30 billion in worldwide assets, JLBG Health, partnered with IMA Health Plans, has the strength to provide some of the most comprehensive benefits in the nation. JLBG Health's strategic alliances with insurance providers, managed care networks, brokers, consulting firms and interactive agencies result in optimized member health insurance benefits and deliver the competitive advantage you need to succeed in accessing affordable health insurance. IMA Health Plans provide exceptional value, choice, and solutions to members health insurance needs.

Complete Benefits and Member Discounts Listing

A complete listing of your benefits (including health insurance) and ways to take advantage of them are available when you join the Information Marketing Association.


At a recent IMA Member Gathering, members overwhelmingly requested more opportunities to make connections and to network with each other. Twice each year the IMA offers special Info-Marketing ConnectionsTM Conferences.
These event feature structured networking, connections made for you based on profiles and open networking opportunities. Quite frankly, there has never been a better way to make business connections and to close deals.
Throughout the conference we put you at different tables, matching you up with other IMA members based on simple one-page applications you submit in advance. This way you get to network two ways: 1) seek out and find people you know are important to you; and 2) discover people you never knew existed via match-ups by the proprietary Connections Quotient™.

This is a high-results day in a working and productive environment to help you make the connections you need to grow your business.

There is no additional fee for this event.

“Month after month I get valuable information to use in my law practice as well as in my information marketing business. It gives me content for my newsletters, so they can go out with less work.”

Ben Glass
Fairfax, VA

Here is a review of the IMA’s current comprehensive membership benefits:

1: Info-Marketer Profiles and Detailed “How-To” Checklists

2: Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter & INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT

3: Info-Marketing Best Practices Teleseminars

4: Jump Start Coaching Calls

5: Private One-on-One Info-Marketing Success Consultations



7 Huge Benefits Together For One Low Dues Investment

If you’re anything like the small number of information marketers I had “preview” this collection of benefits, by now you’re really, really, really curious—and probably apprehensive—about the costs of membership!

I had them guess, and the lowest guess was $3,000.00 a year.

Those who got my “preview” were shocked at how low we set the dues—and, of course, insisted on joining immediately. I expect you’ll react the same way! All of the Exclusive Benefits of Membership are only $99.00 a month. There is no obligation to continue your membership for any period of time. Of course, you may cancel your membership at any time, with 30 days’ notice.

Everything I have ever sold has a completely unconditional money-back guarantee. This is no exception, so here it is…

IMA’s Total Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

If at any time during the first 60 days, you aren’t completely satisfied with your IMA membership, with a simple request you can: 1. cancel your membership; and 2. receive a full refund of everything you have paid. No questions asked, no hassles.

Keep in mind, your monthly dues INCLUDE Dan’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter (for most, more than $50 a month if subscribed to separately), the new monthly business teleseminars and the copyright-free content for your newsletters and products—each of these resources by themselves easily justifies these modest dues!

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What To Do Next? Enroll, Of Course!

Use the enclosed member registration form, and fax it to 850-222-6002. Hurry, to be sure of being in the charter group, at the lowest dues.

You’ll get confirmation, a New Member Manual with everything you need to access all benefits and services, a Member Hotline number should you need to call, email instructions, the logo art on a CD and more shipped to you immediately.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Robert Skrob Signature

Robert Skrob, President
Information Marketing Association

P.S. BONUS: Since we do not want to have to chase you, we will reward you for ‘Fast Action.’ When you take us up on the Risk FREE opportunity I’ll also send you the Easy Content CD packed full of articles, special reports, and bonus items you can use to fill newsletters, build new products, and add “bulk” to new or existing products. This is yours as a special incentive for fast action.

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